From New York to Paris

2018 Who’sWho in American Art

Linda has been once again included in the Marquis Who’s Who in American Art, a publication featuring a collection of biographies of artists who have made noteworthy achievements in their field.

The Artist’s Magazine

Linda’s Footsteps #15 was selected as a finalist in The Artist’s Magazine‘s 31st Annual Art Competition and published in the December 2014 issue.

Just months later, Linda’s Footsteps #12 was published in the July/August 2015 issue after winning the Pastel category of the magazines All Media Contest

Return to Pratique des Arts

Lindas work was once again showcased in the French publication Pratique des Arts, this time in a Winter 2015 issue that examined the artistry of snowy landscapes.

Excite with White

Linda and her work were featured in article entitled Excite with White which explores color in paintings with white subjects, in the February 2014 issue of Pastel Journal.

An International Collection

As part of Linda’s inspiring placement in such a selective and competitive competition (in the top 8 award-winners), her piece Footsteps #1 was published in the hardcover book that celebrates the award-winners and top 50 finalists in the International Art Search 2011 Paintings Drawings International Exhibit.

2011 Who’sWho in American Art

Marquis Who's Who in American Art

The 31st edition of Whos Who in American Art 2011 was published in November 2010.

Linda has been honored once again; she has been included in the Marquis WhosWho in American Art, a publication that contains the biographies of noteworthy artists, featuring commissions and exhibitions, museums holding their work, awards, books and articles by and about them, the media in which they work, along with personal and professional histories.

Europe Taking Notice

Pratique des Arts

Treehaven #1 and Footsteps #1 were highlighted in the June 2010 issue of the French magazine Pratique des Arts.

It isn’t a surprise that Linda Gross Browns works have started capturing the attention of Latin American and European collectors. Linda’s participation was requested in a French art magazine, Pratique des Arts. She and her two award-winning pieces Footsteps #1 and Treehaven #1 were featured in the June 2010 issue of the magazine a special issue illuminating the pastel artists of the world. Pratique des Arts has been described as roughly speaking, the equivalent of The Artist Magazine [in Europe] by Laurent Benoist, a journalist for the magazine.

Artworld is Impressed

Love at first touch is how Brown describes her initial experience with the medium. I could paint with my fingers and not just a brush, she explains. It really made me a part of the work, which was so freeing, so intriguing. The ability to paint with my fingers makes this medium a pleasurable and personal experience. Excerpt from the feature article about Linda Gross Brown in the December 2009 issue of American Artist magazine

American Artist Magazine writer, James A. Metcalfe, had the same questions about Linda’s masterful process and finished work that her devoted followers do. In his article, he delights us with answers. A perfect mixture of James well-put questions and Linda’s colorful and descriptive answers gives us a finished article that is not only extremely fascinating but downright inspiring.

Pastel Journal

Footsteps #3 received not only an Honorable Mention in the Pastel Journals Pastel 100 competition, but was published in the April 2010 issue of the magazine.

In April, Linda’s Footsteps #3 was included in the Pastel 100 Competition – a yearly competition sponsored by the Pastel Journal magazine. Her work was awarded not only with an award of Honorable Mention, but was published in the April 2010 issue of the magazine.

Best of America and World

Linda was very honored when her painting A Cold Walk was not only accepted into a prestigious printed collection of worldwide artists (BEST OF WORLDWIDE ARTISTS working in Charcoal, Pastel Pencil, Vol. 1), but was chosen to be printed on the back cover. A Cold Walk is consistently awarded and recognized.

Three of Linda Gross Browns most loved and award-winning paintings Delivering the MailTreehaven #2, and Snowtracks #1 have been included in a published collection, Best of America Pastel Artists, Volume 2. The collection was published by Kennedy Publishing The Best of Artists Artisans.

Best of Worldwide Artists, Vol. 1

Lindas piece A Cold Walk graces the back cover of Best of Worldwide Artists, Vol. 1.

Best of America Pastels, Vol. 2

Three of Lindas pieces have been included in Best of America Pastels, Volume 2.


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