The Artist & Her Studio

A Master of Light and Color

One step inside her studio, and anyone can feel the magic and light swirling around. Future paintings are hanging in the air.

Somewhere there is a special place, a place of solitude and healing, peace and introspection. This is what I replicate for the viewer in my work. By harnessing the energies that exist within the four boundaries of the picture frame, and with careful manipulation of tone, color, value and subject, a landscape evolves with a special luminenscence that invites the viewer to wander along a predetermined pathway through the work.


Linda Gross Brown received her B.F.A. in Graphic Design and Illustration. She then went on in her studies to receive her M.A. in painting, with both degrees earned from Kent State University. She was able to study design, color theory, painting and other skills with William Harper, Joseph O’Sickey, Morton Grossman, Joan Gardner and Leroy Flint, among others. After receiving her Master’s degree, Linda began to explore the potential of painting with soft pastels. She currently concentrates her focus of exploration within that medium. Anyone who sees one of Linda’s pieces can immediately tell that she has found her home in that pastel medium. Her gifted touch and eye applied to a pastel pencil has yielded a tremendous body of hauntingly beautiful artwork.

Linda Dubbed Master Pastelist

Linda Gross Brown has received a prestigious place in the International Association of Pastel Societies Master Circle. It is an honor that few artists receive and even fewer receive it so early in their career as Linda has. Just another meaningful event that surrounds Linda Gross Brown and her beautiful body of artwork.

A Magical Studio on the Lake

For Linda to be able to go fully into her “artmind” and bring her paintings to life, she needed to create a place that would nurture that energy and add to it. The stars were in perfect alignment when she found “the studio on Linda street,” a street that ironically shares her name. With its lakeside location (just about – only a couple blocks from the gorgeous shores of Lake Erie), its quiet side-street peacefulness, and its abundance of windows from every side, Linda’s “Gross Brown Studio” has become her magical lab. A place where she can lose herself for hours and hours and find the perfect strokes, the perfect colors, and give birth to the incredible paintings for which she is known.

Every so often, the public gets to peek into Linda’s magical studio. She does have open houses there inviting everyone into that cozy and beautiful workspace to see her paintings up close. It is a promise that viewers will be stopped dead in their tracks by walls of paintings, all bathed in a glow and other viewers standing in front of each, transfixed.

Gross Brown Studio

One of the things that is so special about attending an open house at Gross Brown Studio is meeting the artist herself. Her bright eyes, love-of-life smile and infectious, joyful laughter make her easily recognizable. On meeting Linda, it is the easiest thing in the world to understand how and why these paintings flow from her fingers.

Private Studio Visits

Attending an open house is not the only opportunity to see Linda’s studio in Rocky River. She does make private studio visits available time permitting. It is simply a matter of contacting the studio and arranging a visit. If you are interested in seeing a specific painting, you’ll want to mention that so the appointment can be made while the painting is on-site (many of her paintings spend a lot of time on the road at various exhibitions). If you know the painting, but don’t know its name, visit the online gallery to identify which one it is that you’re wanting to see.

Linda’s workspace in her studio

Linda’s workspace is positively surrounded by color – everything she needs within close reach to work her magic.

Located in Rocky River, Ohio

Gross Brown Studio is located at
1152 Linda Street
Rocky River, Ohio, 44116.

Hours are kindly by appointment only:
tel. 440.799.4240
fax. 440.799.4245