Nationally and Abroad

Exhibits Across the Country

While it can be said that Linda is constantly on-the-move, the same can be said about her artwork. Her work has traveled throughout the Midwest to the East coast to the Southwest, with multiple pieces in multiple cities at the same time, and all of her pieces winning large audiences in each new city.

Although it is obvious by looking at the website and at online exhibitions that Linda’s work is amazing, seeing it in person is a uniquely inspiring experience. We invite and encourage you to see Linda’s work at the next exhibition. If you’d like to meet the artist herself at one of her exhibits, don’t hesitate to contact the studio to confirm a day and time during an exhibition to do so.
In Private Collections

Linda’s work is also featured in many high-profile corporate collections, including:

Future, Current & Past Exhibits

01/10/2013 - 25/10/2013
Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club's 117th Annual Juried Open Exhibition
Featuring "Footsteps #12"
01/08/2013 - 29/08/2013
Memphis/Germantown Art League National Juried Exhibition
Featuring "Footsteps #10"
27/07/2013 - 22/09/2013
Laumeister Fine Art Competition
Featuring "Treehaven #2"
27/07/2013 - 31/08/2013
St. Augustine Art Association 4th Annual Nature & Wildlife Art Exhibition
Featuring "Footsteps #12"
14/06/2013 - 28/07/2013
Hudson Valley Art Association 18th Annual Juried Exhibition
Featuring "Footsteps #5"
15/07/2010 - 07/08/2010
The Pleiades Gallery 28th Annual Juried Show
Featuring "Footsteps #3"
11/07/2010 - 29/08/2010
International Association of Pastel Societies 16th Juried Exhibition
Featuring "Footsteps #5"
20/05/2010 - 27/06/2010
Southeastern Pastel Society's 14th Juried International Open Exhibition
Featuring "Treehaven #3"
08/05/2010 - 01/08/2010
Great Lakes Pastel Society's 2010 National Show
Featuring "Treehaven #1"
07/05/2010 - 13/06/2010
Chicago Pastel Painters' 2010 Show
23/01/2010 - 05/03/2010
International Association of Pastel Societies 15th Juried Exhibition
20/01/2010 - 15/03/2010
Richeson 75 2010 Pastels Exhibition & Competition
16/11/2009 - 27/11/2009
Salmagundi Art Club New York Annual Members Exhibition
Featuring "Treehaven #2"
16/01/2009 - 28/02/2009
Richeson 75 2009 Pastels Competition
08/06/2008 - 30/08/2008
International Association of Pastel Societies 11th Juried Exhibition
Featuring "A Cold Walk"
2016 Int’l ARC Salon
Featuring "Footsteps #12"
Richeson Landscape, Seascape, and Architecture 2013 Juried Exhibition
Featuring "Tracks in the Sand"
Northeast National Pastel Exhibition 2012
Featuring "Footsteps #5"
Southeastern Pastel Society's 15th Juried International Open Exhibition
Featuring "Treehaven #1"